What do you need to know if you run on the public event on August 29?

Considering the specific situation we are in and because we need to take care of each other even more than in other times, to see each other well next year, this time we will have a series of distinct measures which we all need to respect.

Even if it is a slightly longer text, please read it carefully.

After reading, please note a few important things: write down the start time and the competition number, show up at the event at least 5 minutes before the start time (maximum 20), with a mask, a signed declaration and directly in the running equipment.

Individual Starts

  • The starts will be taken individually from Huet Square (attention, it is no longer from Piața Mare), at a distance of 20 seconds, only at the communicated time. The start times were set according to the estimated finish time mentioned in the registration form.
  • Attention! Runners will be able to start only at the communicated times, and those who are late will no longer be able to participate. No exceptions will be made! Please remember them well and take care of the time you arrive – we mention that you must arrive in the event area no earlier than 20 minutes before the start time and not later than 5 minutes before it, to complete all formalities, pick up the kit and warm up, but no before, in order to be able to comply with the distance measures. Normally, if you come with the declaration on your own responsibility signed from home (see below) and you don`t want to leave any objects, you should finish all the formalities within 10 minutes.
  • A presenter will announce the number ranges that must prepare.
  • Please remember the contest number and start time.


 Individual Starts times

The start times for each runner can be found in the tables for each race.



  • In order to minimize the contact and to make the flow more efficient, we ask the participants to come with the affidavit / statement on their own responsibility, respectively, the consent of the parent or legal guardian, in case of minor participants, completed from home. You can download it here:
  • Download the affidavit


Event area access

  • Runners’ access to the event, in Huet Square, will be possible from: Pasajul Pantofarilor (Shoomakers Passage – Cafe Einstein area, Piața Mică), Piața Mică or from the Pasajul Scărilor (Stairs Tower).

 Participation Kits

  • Participation kits will be picked up on the day of the event, a maximum of 20 minutes before the start time and minimum 5 minutes before it. They will be distributed in Huet Square, in specially arranged areas.
  • To pick up the kit, you need a signed affidavit / declaration on your own responsibility.
  • Considering the times, before the start will be picked the bib / running numbers with timing chips. T-shirts and multifunctional bandanas (for whom it is the case), will be picked only after the end of the race (did anyone need an extra motivation to get to the finish?). We know that some would have liked to run in the new Tshirts, but we hope that you will be able to be understanding and adapt to the context as we do.


 Personal belongings and dressing rooms

  • In order to reduce the contact with various surfaces and spaces that are more difficult to disinfect, unfortunately this year we will not have dressing rooms for runners. We ask all participants to come to the event area directly in the equipment in which they will run – and, as usual, we recommend to wear something comfortable and adapted to the weather of that day.
  • There will still be a dedicated area for leaving small personal belongings.


Bib Numbers

  • It is very important to wear the competition number which you will receive in the participation kit. The timing chip is attached to the back of the number. For the runners in the TeamRun, the chip is attached only on the back of the number of the fourth runner in the relay. Please do not detach the chip from the number because you place in the ranking is determined by the time registered on it. The number must be worn on the front side of the T-shirt, pants or shorts.
  • Transferring the competition number to a different person is not allowed. Doing so will lead to disqualification.


Protection and hygiene

  • All participants will undergo the process of temperature screening and observational epidemiological triage. Observational triage will be provided by a qualified person.
  • If the temperature exceeds 37.3° Celsius or shows symptoms of infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea, fever, altered general condition), the person will no longer participate in the event and will contact the family doctor, the runner will not start, will be asked to leave the area and contact the family doctor. Also, the organizer will be responsible for communicating possible cases to the Public Health Directorate;
  • Runners will follow the organizer’s recommendations and wear masks when in the event area (except when running). The organizers will provide disposable masks but we encourage you to come with your own mask;
  • Runners must monitor their health, respectively measure their temperature in the morning of the competition, if it is above 37.3° Celsius they will notify the family doctor and will no longer attend the competition;
  • Runners must comply to the rules of protection and hygiene to limit the spread of the virus: hand hygiene, physical distance of at least 2 m between two people when staying and 7 m while running, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, avoid physical contact (handshakes, hugs after the finish), follow the recommendations to stay home and seek medical attention if there are specific symptoms of the disease.


 Physical distancing and public

  • During the race competitors will NOT be able to run shoulder to shoulder, they must respect a physical distance from each other of at least 7 m. Thus, if a competitor catches up with another one, he will have to either overtake him or remain behind him at at least 7 m. Not complying with these rules will result in disqualification of the competitor.
  • The arrival of the runners in the area of the competition must be done individually and respecting the time at which they are scheduled. If a runner is late, he will not enter the competition area and will not be able to start. No exceptions will be made!
  • The event area will be delimited, public access will be restricted, runners must arrive individually in the area of the competition. During the event the number of participants will be limited according to legal regulations. This time, please leave home your family and friends who can watch the live transmission from the safety of the house.


Routes and race details

  • The time limits are: 1 hour for the Visma Cross, 2 hours for the Zacaria 10k, 3 hours for the Elrond Half Marathon, 6 hours for the Continental Marathon and 35 min for the Squad Race by EshopWedrop.


 Revitalization points

  • At the revitalization points there will be only packaged products, including water, which will be taken directly by the runners, in order, to minimize contact.
  • All contact surfaces will be disinfected periodically. Maybe this will take a few seconds longer than other times, but this time we have a more important race to finish well 😉
  • The revitalization points are located approximately every 5 km.



  • There are toilets along the entire route, disinfected according to current requirements.
  • These are marked with visible signs.


Timing and Ceremony

  • You will be able to find the timing data on our website, maratonsibiu.ro. On Saturday we will also promote the link on our facebook page.
  • Taking into account the individual starts, respectively, delayed in time, the final ranking will be made after all competitors finish the race.
    The award ceremony will take place at 3:00 PM, without public.


Technical meeting

    • The technical meeting will take place online and can be followed on the facebook page of the event, on Wednesaday, August 26, at 7:30 PM.


We’ll come back with other important details, if any appear. So please, stay close.