Useful info 2021 Sibiu International Marathon

#IOlaMaraton is about values ​​and many things we believe in and for which we run year after year. Among them are responsibility and care for all the people around us.

As this year the situation requires extra care, we will have a series of distinct measures compared to other editions, which we all need to follow.

We know that it is a slightly longer text, but please read it carefully and remember some important things: in order to enter the public event you have to wear a bracelet you receive when picking up the running kit – after showing the European Digital Certificate Covid-19 or on-site testing (for adults, including Squad Race) based on a donation, remember the start time and the bib number, come the event a bit earlier with a mask and the bracelet, as well as with a water flask.


 Access bracelet

The access to the 2021 Sibiu International Marathon will be based on a bracelet. This can be obtained when picking up the participation kit, on Friday, October 1 based on:
–  the European Digital Certificate COVID-19, mentioned in the registration form and the competition rules. The certificate can be presented either in digital version (on the phone) or printed, with a valid identity document. To avoid crowds, please come with the certificates and documents prepared.

We remind you that the European Digital Certificate COVID-19 can be issued to vaccinated people, who have gone through the disease or have the result of a negative test.

– the negative result of a on-site test – you can take it on Friday, between 12PM-8PM, on the basis of a donation. Attention! If you need to be tested, to avoid the formation of crowds, we recommend doing the test at a clinic / laboratory.

  • Steps to follow:  present the Certificate / take the test -> receive the bracelet -> pick up the participation kit (you’ll have to bring/sign on spot the statement on your own responsibility, which can be downloaded below).
  • Children in the Kid’s Races will receive an access bracelet, but can participate without presenting the European Digital Certificate COVID-19 / test. The bracelet will be offered to the parent / legal guardian when picking up the child’s kit, on Friday, October 1. Attention! People who will accompany the child must show the European Digital Certificate COVID-19 or take a quick test on the spot (based on a donation) in order to receive the bracelet, if he  enters the event area. To avoid crowds on Sunday, we recommend that attendants pick up their bracelets on Friday.
  • Public access will also be based on the access bracelet, received after scanning the European Digital Certificate COVID-19 or performing the quick test on the spot (based on a donation). The public can receive the bracelet on the days of the event.

 Picking up Participation Kits

  • Participation kits will be picked up on Friday, October 1, from 09:00 AM to 08:00 PM, in Piața Mare, close to the Catholic Church.
  • In order to be able to pick  the kit you have to present the European Digital Certificate COVID-19 / take a quick test on the spot on Friday (12PM-8PM), based on a donation, respectively, receive the access bracelet.
  • To pick up the kit you need a valid identity card and the completed statement on your own responsibility which can be downloaded below.
  • If you are registered on the list of a partner company or institution, please ask the responsible person from your company about how you can pick up your kit and bracelet.
  • Only runners from outside Sibiu will be able to pick up the kits on Saturday, October 2 (without exceptions).


 Event program

  • Wednesday, September 29

19: 00-20: 00 Online technical meeting, on the Facebook page of the Marathon

  • Friday, October 1

09:00 – 20:00  Pick up kits for adults and children

09:00 – 20:00 Pick up access bracelets based on the green certificate COVID-19

12:00 – 20:00 Quick test

  • Saturday, October 2

07:30 Opening of the Piața Mare competition area

08: 30-08:35 Continental Marathon starts

08:40-08:55 Elrond Half Marathon starts

09:00-09:02 Marquardt TeamRun starts

09:10-09:31 GLS 10K starts

09:40-10:30 Cros Visma starts

10:40-10:45 Squad Race by EshopWedrop starts

14:30-15:30 Award ceremony


  • Sunday, October 3

10: 30-11:00 Decathlon children’s races 10-12 years

11: 00-11:30 Decathlon children’s races 8-9 years

11: 30-12:00 Decathlon children’s races 6-7 years

12: 00-12:30 Decathlon children’s races 4-5 years

12: 45-13:00 Decathlon Raffle

13: 00-15:00 Bike school

10: 00-15:00 Other sports activities for children in Piața Mare


 Event area access

The access of participants to the event, in Piața Mare, can be made from 4 points: from the Statue of Gheorghe Lazăr (with the possibility of lifting the bracelet and testing at this point), the Catholic Church, Nicolae Bălcescu Street / Brukenthal Museum and General Magheru Street.


 Group starts

  • Start will be taken in groups of 10, from Piața Mare, respecting the distance between the participants, at intervals of 30 seconds, only at the communicated hours (list below). The start times were set according to the estimated time mentioned in the registration form by each runner.
    Attention! Runners will be able to start only at the set times, and those who are late will no longer be able to participate. Please save your start time and be careful when you arrive to the competition area.
  • There will be a panel on which will be announced the ranges of numbers that must prepare for the start.


Start times

You can find your start time on the list of the attended race. Open / download the list of the attended race and use Ctrl + F keyboard shortcut to search for your name.

NB: These lists include the start times for runners who registered for the public event from Piața Mare.

  Declaration on own responsibility

 Warm up exercises

  • As the starts will be given in groups, we recommend doing the warm up exercises individually, before entering the event area.


 Personal belongings

  • There will be cabins were you can change your clothes.
  • There will be a handover point for personal items. Personal belongings can be left in the dedicated area by presenting the competition number. We recommend you place your personal belongings in a backpack/sack. It will be tagged with your race number. The area is under the organizers’ surveillance. We recommend you don’t leave valuable items as the organizer does not take responsibility for the theft, destruction or loss of these items.

Bib numbers

  • It is very important to wear the competition number which you will receive in the participation kit. The timing chip is attached to the back of the number. For the runners in the TeamRun, the chip is attached only on the back of the number of the fourth runner in the relay. Please do not detach the chip from the number because your place in the ranking is determined by the time registered on it. The number must be worn on the front side of the T-shirt, pants or shorts.
  • Transferring the competition number to a different person is not allowed. Doing so will lead to disqualification.


Protection and hygiene

  • Runners and everyone in the event area must follow the rules of protection and hygiene in order to limit the spread of the virus: hand hygiene, physical distance between people, avoid contact with eyes, nose and mouth, avoid physical contact, follow the recommendations to stay home and seek medical attention if there are symptoms specific to the disease.
  • It is necessary to wear the mask when picking up the kit, as well as in the areas with larger groups of people.

 Physical distancing

  • The event area will be delimited and public access will be based on the European Digital Certificate COVID-19.
  • Participants must avoid the formation of crowds.
  • We will not provide transport for Marquardt TeamRun runners to relay exchange points.

 Relay changing points for the Marquardt TeamRun

  • The relay changing points for the Marquardt TeamRun are:
    • Relay 1 (start) – Piața Mare (the Large Square);
    • Relay 2  – Cercul Militar, Bd. Victoriei;
    • Relay 3 – Valea Aurie playground – close to the Zoo entrance
    • Relay 4 –  ASTRA Museum, Church from Bezded (exit to Zoo).
  • Only the last runner’s number (relay number 4) has a chip attached.


Hydration points

  • We try to reduce the amount of plastic and waste generated during the event, so we kindly ask you to come with your own water flask. It can be filled, at the hydration points.

  • At the hydration points there will also be cardboard cups, as well as a limited number of small bottles of bottled water. The hydration points are located approximately every 5 km. We mention that the runners from Visma Cross will have the hydration point at the end of the race, in Piața Mare – there is no more intermediate point on Coposu.
  • The surfaces will be disinfected periodically and there will be bottles of disinfectant for volunteers and runners.


  • There are toilets along the entire route, signposted with visible signs.


  • Your result time could be found on our website,, on the main menu. On Saturday we will post the link on our facebook page as well.
  • Taking into account the group starts, respectively, delayed in time, the ranking will be made after all competitors finish the race.
  • The award ceremony will take place on October 2, at 2:30 PM.

 Traffic restrictions

  • On Saturday, October 2, traffic will be stopped on several arteries in Sibiu, including Andrei Șaguna Street, but also on DJ 106 A Sibiu – Rășinari, DJ 106 D Rășinari – Poplaca and DJ 106 R Poplaca – Sibiu. Please take a look here (link) to see what the traffic restrictions are and plan your route accordingly.
  • As far as possible, we recommend using alternative methods of transport – please note that in the event area we will have bicycle racks for those interested, provided by Urban Bike Revolution.


 Relaxation and socializing corners

  • In the event area there will be a relaxation space offered by the main partner of the event, Visma. There you will be able to relax after the race, in a nicely arranged space with the help of The Wedding Company and Jujube Atelier, while you enjoy tea, speciality coffee, tarts and cakes and listen to good music.
  • Also, at the partners’ stands present at the event you will be able to enjoy beer, juice, tea and coffee, fruits, protein bars and other goodies, but you will also be able to take a picture at the photo booth or take different things as souvenirs.


We’ll be back with other important details, if needed. So please stay close.