What is the Sibiu International Marathon?

In the tradition of the London Marathon, the biggest fundraising event in the world, we combine the joy of running and giving.
The Sibiu International Marathon is the largest philanthropic running event in Romania, which traditionally takes place on the last Saturday in May. It has been organized since 2012, initially under the name of SemiMaraton Sibiu, and since 2017 it has been added the 42 km race – the moment it was renamed the Sibiu International Marathon.

The 9th edition will take place on May 30, 2020.

Through the Sibiu International Marathon we aim to support the spirit of initiative of the Sibiu – good ideas that can solve the problems of the community and that will increase the quality of life in the city. We provide a fundraising platform to support both new initiatives from informal groups and non-governmental organizations. The event brings together citizens, NGOs, companies and public authorities.

 The 8th edition was held on June 1st 2019, when we changed the tradition of running on the last Saturday in May to let everyone who wanted to participate in the European Parliamentary elections and our event to do so freely. Nearly 5.560 runners ran for 40 projects.

At the 7th edition, which took place on May 26th 2018, nearly 4.000 runners ran for 26 projects. They were supported by approx. 5.770 donors and together we managed to raise 592492 lei. For the first time we had participants in wheelchairs.

The celebration atmosphere of the 2018 event lasted for 3 days and took place under the aegis of Free Squares (Piețe Lbere). Thus, the inhabitants and guests of Sibiu enjoyed chill out zones, concerts and activities during May 25th-27th, including afterparties on May 26th and 27th, with Dubase, Alt Om, Tzuc, Electroclown and video projections by Coralie de Conzaga. Also, under the umbrella of the Free Squares initiative there was held the first edition of Street Delivery Sibiu, organized by the Sibiu Community Foundation together with the Re: Medium Association, within the Sibiu International Marathon 2018.

One of the 2018 runners was Raúl Gómez, from the Spanish show Marathon Man. We invite you to see some of his impressions about the race in the following clip:

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