Useful information

Information about the competition

  • Sibiu International Marathon is an open competition (male and female). For the same TeamRun could register both male and female.
  • The time limits are: 1 hour for the Visma Cross, 2 hours for the 10k, 3 hours for the Elrond Half Marathon, 6 hours for the Continental Marathon and 35 min for the Squad Race by EshopWedrop.
  • All runners who finish the race will receive a finisher medal.
  • The maximum number of runners for the physical race with individual start in Piața Mare (Large Square) will be 1000. The start will be taken individually, at an interval of 20 seconds.
  • Also, those interested will be able to participate individually, between 29.08 – 01.10.2020, selecting the option Run Anywhere. There are no restrictions on the number of participants in this option, but everyone is asked to follow the necessary safety measures.

Routes and race details

All races (except Run Anywhere) will start in Piața Mare (the Large Square). All details about the races can be found at these links:

The routes are properly signaled. We urge you to pay attention to the marking signs on your race’s route and follow the volunteers indications.

Conditions of participation

  1. The runner must be 18 years old in order to run the Continental Marathon. The runner should provide an affidavit stating that from a medical point of view they are physically able to exercise; The document can be downloaded here.  It needs to be filled and brought when coming to pick up the participation kits. The affidavit can also be filled in on site, on the day of the event;
  2. Runners could be at least 16 years old for registering the  Half Marathon, Zacaria 10k and Visma Cross (5km). All participants under 18 must have the written consent of the parent / guardian;
  3. The runner must provide an ID card for receiving the running kit;
  4. Registration for this year’s edition ends on Monday, August 17th. The participation fee must be paid at the moment of registration, with a card, in order to be validated.

For the smooth running of the event during this times we will have a series of security measures and conditions of participation that we would like to highlight:

  • Runners will start the race individually, at a 20 seconds interval. The start time of each competitor will be set according to the estimated time of the race, which each competitor must mention in the registration form.
  • During the race competitors will NOT be able to run shoulder to shoulder, they must respect a physical distance from each other of at least 7 m. Thus, if a competitor catches up with another one, he will have to either overtake him or remain behind him at at least 7 m. Not complying with these rules will result in disqualification of the competitor;
  • The arrival of the runners in the area of the competition must be done individually and respecting the time at which they are scheduled. If a runner is late, he will not enter the competition area and will not be able to start. No exceptions will be made!
  • All participants will undergo the process of temperature screening and observational epidemiological triage. Observational triage will be provided by a qualified person. If the temperature exceeds 37.3° degrees Celsius or shows symptoms of infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea, fever, altered general condition), the person will no longer participate in the event and will contact the family doctor, the runner will not start, will be asked to leave the area and contact the family doctor. Also, the organizer will be responsible for communicating possible cases to the Public Health Directorate;
  • Runners will follow the organizer’s recommendations and wear masks when in the event area (except when running). The organizers will provide disposable masks or optionally participants can come with their own masks;
  • Runners must monitor their health, respectively measure their temperature in the morning of the competition, if it is above 37.3° Celsius they will notify the family doctor and will no longer attend the competition;
  • Runners must comply to the rules of protection and hygiene to limit the spread of the virus: hand hygiene, physical distance of at least 2 m between two people when staying and 7 m while running, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, avoid physical contact (handshakes, hugs after the finish), follow the recommendations to stay home and seek medical attention if there are specific symptoms of the disease.
  • The event area will be delimited, public access will be restricted, runners must arrive individually in the area of the competition. During the event the number of participants will be limited according to legal regulations;
  • If for reasons beyond the organizers control, the event will not be able to take place with physical start in Piața Mare (the Large Square), the participation fee will not be refunded, but the runners will have the option to participate in the Run Anywhere section and to raise funds for the chosen causes.

Participation Kits

The participation kits for the runners for the physical race, starting in Piața Mare will be picked up on the day of the event, before taking the individual start.

Runners can get their participation kits after presenting a valid ID and signing the own responsibility declaration. Runners under the age of 18 must have their parents/legal guardian consent.

The participation kits contain:

  • custom contest number (runner number + the supported cause)
  • timing chip
  • the official multifunctional bandana. – only for the Continental Marathon 

Extra: the runners who want could buy the official T-shirt (cotton) and the official multifunctional bandana.

Bib numbers

It is very important to wear the competition number which you will receive in the participation kit. The timing chip is attached to the back of the number. For the runners in the TeamRun, the chip is attached only on the back of the number of the fourth runner in the relay. Please do not detach the chip from the number because you place in the ranking is determined by the time registered on it. The number must be worn on the front side of the T-shirt, pants or shorts.

Transferring the competition number to a different person is not allowed. Doing so will lead to disqualification.

Differentiated start

Participants will start the race individually, at an interval of 20 seconds. The starting time of each competitor will be set according to the race time that each competitor is required to mention in the entry form.

The start will be differentiated on each race, in Piața Mare (the Large Square) , as follows:

  • Continental Marathon – from 08:00 AM
  • Half marathon – from 08:45 AM
  • Marquardt TeamRun 4 × 5.3 km – from 10:25 AM
  • Zacaria 10k – from 11:30 AM
  • Visma Cross Country – from 1:00 PM
  • Squad Race by EshopWedrop (13-17 years) – from 2:30 PM

Revitalization points

Hydration/revitalization points will be organized at: Km 3.5, Km 5, Km 10,5, km 15,5, km 20, km 22, km 26.5, km 31,5, km 36, km 38, km 40,8..

You will find water and fruit and from km 28 you can also find cola at the revitalization points.

We urge you to drink water and eat fruit whenever you feel the need to.

Personal belongings

In the start area there will be a dedicated area for personal belongings.
Personal belongings can be left in the dedicated area by presenting the competition number. We recommend you place your personal belongings in a backpack/sack. It will be tagged with your race number. The area is under the organizers’ surveillance. We recommend you don’t leave valuable items as the organizer does not take responsibility for the theft, destruction or loss of these items.


Those interested will be able to enjoy a massage after the race. The spaces will be disinfected and all the necessary safety measures will be applied.

Other useful information

We urge you to wear suitable clothes according to the weather. If it is sunny and warm we recommend using solar protection and to wear a cap/buff to protect yourself from the sun because there are areas exposed to the sun. Also, we recommend to take with you a raincoat.
Our over 570 volunteers together with the ambulance and police crews will be present along the marathon route insuring that the event takes place without incidents.
In the event of any issue or problem you come across during the race please contact the volunteers closest to your location.

 Relay changing points for the Marquardt TeamRun

The relay changing points for the Marquardt TeamRun are:

    • Relay 1 (start) – Piața Mare (the Large Square);
    • Relay 2  – Theodor Aman street, in front of the Bobâlna street;
    • Relay 3 – ASTRA Museum, in the windmills area;
    • Relay 4 –  ASTRA Museum, Church from Bezded (exit to Zoo).

2020 Sibiu International Marathon Calendar

  • July 22nd: Registration for runners and sponsors is open
  • July 17th: Registration closes for the max. 1000 runners who want to start the race in Piața Mare (the Large Square) on August 29;
  • July 22nd – October 1st: Registering period for the Run Anywhere
  • August 29 – October 1st: Participation at the Run Anywhere
  • August 29: Event day
  • October 1st: Donation payments deadline

In case of any problems during the race, please contact the nearest volunteers