Run Anywhere by Decathlon

This year we cannot encourage more than 1000 people to start the race (individually) in Piața Mare (Large Square) and enjoy our cool routes and the good will of the volunteers, but we encourage as many people as possible to Run Anywhere in the world or around the block, for marathon causes. And we would like to thank our friends from Decathlon, who support us in this endeavor!

Like many other people, we also miss the vibrant energy from Piața Mare on the day of the event and all the stories one can hear before and after the event. But even if this year’s challenges warn us that it is wiser to keep a healthy physical distance from each other, we strongly believe that we can enjoy the experience of running, seeing each other, the event and more other stories and thoughts about the causes we support in these conditions as well.

So we suggest you to manage well all those longings and energy, even at a greater distance than other times, and to discover together what motivations and interesting places each one has around.

In addition, there are good news that may simplify the lives of some – opting for Run Anywhere you can either run on August 29, during the marathon, or anytime after, until October 1st.

Who can opt for Run Anywhere by Decathlon?

Anyone who wants to run for one of the causes, but can’t do it on the day of the marathon, or anyone who feels more comfortable to take the start independently of the start in Piața Mare.

Also, the Kid’s races will take place only opting for Run Anywhere.

How and until when you can sign up?

In the registration form, tick the corresponding option and indicate (in short) where do you want to run. Registrations for Run Anywhere can be made until October 1st

If you leave an address from Romania, then we will send you the running number, the medal and what else your kit contains, by courier. We hope you like them.

In the case of Kid’s Races, we will deliver the kits for free only in Sibiu, and for other localities you can opt for delivery by courier, with payment upon delivery.

What should you do before and on the day of your run?

First of all, we encourage you to let the world know when and where you run and maybe even create a micro-event, which you can promote on social networks or among your neighbors – you can put in practice all the creative ideas that come to your mind. If you want us to see it too (and even possibly to promote it), you can tag us on facebook or instagram or use #maratonsibiu. We will also create a separate Facebook event, where you can post and follow what others are doing.

We know it’s often cool to put everyone aside and run alone with your own thoughts. But this time, please call someone close to the finish, who will wait for you with a beer or fruits and, especially, will give you the medal. What about a little ceremony? We say you deserve it.

Proof of running: photo, video, live, race track and your story

After you run, please send us some photos with you or the area where you run, as well as the race track. We will put them aside, frame them and create a page on our site for each participant at Run Anywhere. Don’t forget to leave us some thoughts about your run and why you chose to be with us, even from some distance.

(For inspiration, here you can see an album with pictures of last year’s diaspora runners).

Thanks and have cool trainings. And if you have any questions, give us a sign.


NB: no matter when and where you run, please take care of yourself and others and respect all the safety measures to protect both you and those around you, who may be even more sensitive. As one said: better safe than sorry 😉 And we need each other to get through this well.