Rules for participation at the Sibiu International Marathon 2020

  • About the competition

The Sibiu International Marathon is a philanthropic running competition (each runner supports a community cause by running and supporters having the opportunity to make a donation for the cause). A runner may choose to run for a single cause. It is an open competition (male and female).

The races organized whithin the Sibiu International Marathon are:

  • Continental Marathon – 42.195 km
  • Half Marathon – 21 km
  • Marquardt TeamRun – 4×5.3 km
  • Zacaria Zacaria 10k – 10 km
  • Visma Cross – 5 km
  • Squad Race by EshopWedropby EshopWedrop (13-17 years) – 3 km
  • This year, Kids Races will take place only with Run Anywhere option.

The Continental Marathon, Half Marathon, Zacaria Zacaria 10k and Visma Cross races are male and female. Relay teams (Marquardt TeamRun) can be mixed teams.

The competition will start in Piața Mare (Large Square) and will take place (depending on the distances of each race) in the central area of ​​Sibiu, in adjacent areas (Sub Arini Park and ASTRA National Museum Complex) and Dumbrava Forest for the Continental Marathon .

The route will be properly marked and will be supervised by volunteers and representatives of the Sibiu County Police and the Local Police Sibiu.

The timing of participants will be done through timing chips attached to the back of bib numbers. To record the time accurately, partcipants will mandatory wear the bib number on the front of the t-shirt or short.

In the Marquardt TeamRun, timing will not be done individually for each team member, but only for the team on the whole – only the runner who finishes the 4th relay will receive a timing chip.

It is forbidden to change or transfer the bib number to other people, thus causing the disqualification of the participant.

Hydration points will be organized at km: Km 3.5, Km 5, Km 10,5, km 15,5, km 20, km 22, km 26.5, km 31,5, km 36, km 38, km 40,8.

There you will find water and fruits, and starting with the hydration point at km 28 there will also be Coca Cola.

  • Registration and payment

Registering as a runner is done by filling the registration form on, choosing the desired race and a supported cause. The closing date for registration is August 17, 11.59 PM. Participants who opt for the Run Anywhere option can register until October 1st and can run between August 29 and October 1st.

To validate the registration, the participation fee must be paid at the moment of registration, with the card.

In order to run the Continental Marathon the participant must be at least 18 years old.

Half Marathon race, Zacaria 10k and the Visma Cross can be attended by young people under the age of 16, with the written consent of the parent / guardian.

The Squad Race by EshopWedrop race can be attended by young people aged 13-17, with the written consent of the parent / guardian.

Children attending the Kids races must have the written consent of the parent / guardian.

  • Participant kits

Participation kits will be picked up on the day of the event, before the start.

In order to pick up the participation kit, it is necessary to present an identity document and complete the declaration on one’s own responsibility.

The written consent of the parent / legal guardian is required for the participation of minor runners.

Runners who opt for Run Anywhere will be able to receive the kits for free in Romania, with delivery by courier. In the case of Kid’s Races, participants from Sibiu will receive the kits for free, and those from other cities have the possibility to opt for their delivery with payment upon delivery.

  • Storage of personal items

There will be spaces dedicated to the storage of runners’ personal belongings, respecting the safety rules specific to the context.

  • Participants with disabilities

People with locomotor disabilities (self-propelled manual wheelchair users) who are 16 years of age can participate in the 4 x 5,3 km TeamRun, respectively the 3rd relay, in the segment between km 10,5 and km 16, Zoo – The Museum of Traditional Folk Civilization ASTRA, where there are optimal conditions for them.

People with disabilities other than locomotor and deaf-mute people who have reached the age of 16 may start the Visma Cross, 10 km, Half marathon and Continental Marathon if they are accompanied and have the written consent of the parent / the legal guardian.

People with disabilities other than locomotor and deaf-mute people aged 13 to 17 may only start the Squad Race by EshopWedropif they are accompanied and have the written consent of the parent / the legal guardian.

Kids with disabilities other than locomotors and deaf-mute people aged between 4 and 12 years may only take part in the races of children if they are accompanied and have the written consent of the parent / the legal guardian.

People mentioned in this chapter can benefit for free sign-up. In this regard, please send a message to [email protected].

  • Start and competition

Participants will start the race individually, at an interval of 20 seconds. The starting time of each competitor will be set according to the race time that each competitor is required to mention in the entry form.

The start will be differentiated on each race, in Piața Mare (the Large Square) , as follows:

  • Continental Marathon – from 08:00 AM
  • Half marathon – from 08:45 AM
  • Marquardt TeamRun 4 × 5.3 km – from 10:25 AM
  • Zacaria 10k – from 11:30 AM
  • Visma Cross Country – from 1:00 PM
  • Squad Race by EshopWedrop (13-17 years) – from 2:30 PM

  • Conditions of participation

  • Runners will start the race individually, at a 20 seconds interval. The start time of each competitor will be set according to the estimated time of the race, which each competitor must mention in the registration form.
  • During the race competitors will NOT be able to run shoulder to shoulder, they must respect a physical distance from each other of at least 7 m. Thus, if a competitor catches up with another one, he will have to either overtake him or remain behind him at at least 7 m. Not complying with these rules will result in disqualification of the competitor;
  • The arrival of the runners in the area of the competition must be done individually and respecting the time at which they are scheduled. If a runner is late, he will not enter the competition area and will not be able to start. No exceptions will be made!
  • All participants will undergo the process of temperature screening and observational epidemiological triage. Observational triage will be provided by a qualified person. If the temperature exceeds 37.3° degrees Celsius or shows symptoms of infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea, fever, altered general condition), the person will no longer participate in the event and will contact the family doctor, the runner will not start, will be asked to leave the area and contact the family doctor. Also, the organizer will be responsible for communicating possible cases to the Public Health Directorate;
  • Runners will follow the organizer’s recommendations and wear masks when in the event area (except when running). The organizers will provide disposable masks or optionally participants can come with their own masks;
  • Runners must monitor their health, respectively measure their temperature in the morning of the competition, if it is above 37.3° Celsius they will notify the family doctor and will no longer attend the competition;
  • Runners must comply to the rules of protection and hygiene to limit the spread of the virus: hand hygiene, physical distance of at least 2 m between two people when staying and 7 m while running, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, avoid physical contact (handshakes, hugs after the finish), follow the recommendations to stay home and seek medical attention if there are specific symptoms of the disease.
  • The event area will be delimited, public access will be restricted, runners must arrive individually in the area of the competition. During the event the number of participants will be limited according to legal regulations;
  • If for reasons beyond the organizers control, the event will not be able to take place with physical start in Piața Mare (the Large Square), the participation fee will not be refunded, but the runners will have the option to participate in the Run Anywheresection and to raise funds for the chosen causes.
  • Participation in the technical meeting will be done exclusively online.


Participants will be properly equipped for running – with appropriate clothing and footwear. If the day of the competition is sunny, there will be areas exposed to the sun. We recommend using appropriate protective measures (wearing a cap / buff, using sunscreen).

Participants will have a respectful attitude towards other runners, volunteers, representatives of local and public authorities. It is forbidden to leave trash on the race, as well as destroy the environment. Unsportsmanlike behavior or deliberate destruction of environment will result in the disqualification of the runner.

Finish times:

  • Visma Cross (5k): 1 hour;
  • Squad Race: 35 minutes;
  • Zacaria 10k: 2 hours;
  • Half Marathon / Marquardt TeamRun: 3 hours and a half;
  • Continental Marathon: 6 hours;

Participants who exceed the time limits are disqualified.

If the organizing team or medical stuff decide that the runner is unable to continue the race, the organizer reserves the right to withdraw from the race in order to protect the competitor.

The decision to withdraw from the race for any reason will be announced to the nearest volunteers.

Additional race details, relay points, award ceremony, and other events will be announced on the main communication channels of the event – and the Facebook page We recommend tracking these channels to stay up-to-date with all the event details.

  • Safety measures in the context of the covid-19 epidemic:

  • All participants in the race must monitor their health and strictly follow the basic measures for protection against covid-19.
  • All participants should follow the recommendation to stay home and seek medical attention if there are specific symptoms of the disease.
  • The arrival of the participants at the starting location will be done individually as much as possible, or in compliance with the Ministerial Order no. 984/829/2020.
  • All participants in the competition will be subjected to an epidemiological triage.
  • The start of the race will be given individually for each competitor.
  • Competitors during the race will NOT be able to run shoulder to shoulder, they must respect a physical distance between them of at least 7 m. Thus, if a competitor catches up with another competitor, he will have to either overtake him or stay behind at least 7 m. Failure to comply with these rules will result in disqualification of the competitor.
  • Participants must follow legally regulated hygiene rules to stop the covid-19 epidemic.
  • Health protection measures will be applied throughout the event by providing protective equipment (masks, gloves, visors) for all involved: runners, organizers, volunteers. Runners will receive a protective mask from the organizer in the start area, which they will wear before the start and after the finish. The runner will be able to leave the mask in an envelope before taking the start and will be able to recover it from the specially arranged points.
  • Sanitation measures will be applied in the area where the event will take place by providing disinfectant / biocidal products authorized for sanitizing the hands at the entrance area, in the points located in the event area, in the revitalization points on the route.
  • All surfaces, items used by several people and ecological toilets in the event area will be regularly disinfected.
  • The ecological toilets will be equipped with water washbasins, soap and disinfectant dispensers, disposable towels (made of paper).
  • Each person involved / participating in the event will go through a temperature screening and an observational triage. Observational triage will be provided by a qualified person. Runners will go through temperature screening before entering the event area.
  • If the temperature exceeds 37.3° degrees Celsius or shows symptoms of infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea, fever, altered general condition), the person will no longer participate in the event and will contact the family doctor, the runner will not start and you will be asked to leave the area and contact your family doctor. The organizer will also be responsible for communicating possible cases to the Public Health Directorate.
  • A contact person responsible for organizing and coordinating the application of safety and protection measures in the context of the epidemic will be provided.
  • The event area will be delimited, public access will be restricted, runners must present themselves at the start area. During the event the number of participants will be limited according to legal regulations.
  • Throughout the event the organizer will ensure the mandatory physical distance of 2 m between any 2 people by organizing the appropriate space and changing some activities: arrival of runners at the event at different times to reduce congestion, individual start, starting area will be separated from finish by different corridors, eliminating contact between runners and organizers / volunteers.
  • In the area of ​​the event, participants will be warned through information panels placed in visible places on the observance of physical distance, engineering measures, monitoring their own health.

  • Medical problems and first aid

Participation in races is only allowed for participants who have no medical problems and who are physically fit and prepared to run the races of the International Marathon in Sibiu.

By signing up and participating in the race, each participant declares and assumes on his own responsibility that he is fit to participate in the race to which he has entered and has consulted in this respect a specialist doctor who has given him the opinion to participate in the race to which he / signed up.

The Participant exonerates the Organizer of any liability whatsoever for any medical issue of any kind arising during or after the Event.

First Aid Points will be positioned along the race cources and in the Start / Finish area. Ambulances located at the first aid points will be notified by the organizers on the route in case of accident of the runners on the circuit and will intervene as a matter of urgency.

If a runner notices that a participant has medical problems, the runner will inform the organizers, will alert the staff from the First Aid Points or in case of emergency will call 112.

Participants authorize and expressly consent to be transported to the hospital / receive healthcare at the express request of the Organizer’s representatives if, in the opinion of such people, healthcare is necessary and declares that it waives any claims may have in connection with such transport and / or emergency treatment, delays or deficiencies in connection therewith.

  • Accident insurance

Participation in any race of the Event is made at the sole risk of the Participant. The Organizer is not responsible for any damage of any kind suffered by the Participant as a result of participating in the race, unless the injury is a direct consequence of the Organizer’s intention. This exclusion of liability also applies to any possible damage to causes such as but not limited to injuries or death.

The Participant is solely responsible for concluding an insurance to cover any damages caused by injury, illness or death caused by participation in the Event. The participant declares that he / she is aware that attendance requires very good physical and mental health and declares that he / she is adequately prepared to participate in the Event, by conducting appropriate training for this participation.

The organizer expressly and above all instructs the Participant to perform any medical examination that proves that he is able to participate in the Event. The Participant remains responsible to the Organizer for any damage it would cause to a third party, including another Participant, a Volunteer, etc., as a result of any act or omission that is imputable to the Participant.

  • Reimbursement of enrollment fee, change of enrollment and important deadlines for runners

The deadline for registration is August 17th, 11.59 PM.

If for some reason a runner can no longer participate, the registration fee can NOT be refunded.


Given the limited number of participants at the races with physical start in Piața Mare, there is no possibility to request a change of race.

If the event will no longer be able to take place with a physical start in Piața Mare, the participation fee will not be refundable, but you have the option to participate with the Run Anywhere option and to raise funds for the chosen cause.

The organizer reserves the right to modify the race corse, the position of the hydration points or any other element that is part of the Event organization. The Organizer will also be able to change the Event date or start times at any time without paying compensation to the participants.

To the extent that the event can not occur or is interrupted for reasons beyond the control of the Organizer (such as, but not limited to administrative decisions by authorities, cases of force majeure, strikes, emergency situations, etc.), the Organizer will not be responsible for covering any damages to the participants.

  • Withdrawal, exclusion, disqualification

The organizer has the right to refuse to enroll, exclude from the race and / or to disqualify the participant who has had behaviors / attitudes / manifestations which contravene this regulation such as but not limited to the previous races or this edition :

– Has been eliminated or excluded from similar races for violation of the rules;

– There is an intention to use the Event to make known political or religious views or to damage the image of the Event;

– Infringes on a provision or provisions of the Regulation;

– Has a conduct that damages the image of the Event;

– Has been sanctioned for violating anti-doping rules;

– Is under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

– It is found after the race that the Anti-Doping Rules or Rules have been violated;

– Has caused injury to another participant / other participants due to negligence;

– The participant demonstrates unsportsmanlike behavior or commits disciplinary misconduct of any kind, as is apparent from these Rules.

  • Complaints and Appeals

Any complaints related to the ranking or participation in the event can be made in writing and submitted to the Info Point in Piața Mare only on the day of the competition, before the award ceremony. After the expiration of this term, the Organizer will not consider any complaint.

Complaints will be made by the participants who signed up for the event and paid the participation fee, if such obligation exists. For minors, the contestation may only be made by one of the parents, legal guardians, or the accompanying teacher. Individuals who have been denied participation in the event or have been disqualified may appeal only at this point.

The contestation will contain the name, address, contestant’s bib number, email address, and, in short, the facts that it contests, the reasons for which it contests, and the evidence on which it supports its appeal. Insofar as during the examination of the contestation, the Organizer will need additional elements, he will request these items to the contestant or to any other people. The organizer will be able to verify any evidence and evidence he deems necessary during the appeal review. The decision taken by the organizer is final and communicated to the contestant at the email address indicated in the appeal.

  • Right to image

The event may be recorded for public communication / information purposes, in any way (especially through photographs, video recordings, etc.) in any existing or future environment for international communication for any purpose, including for advertising and commercial purposes. Therefore, each participant explicitly grants the Organizer, the people empowered by the Organizer and the Beneficiaries (especially trading partners) the permission to record and reproduce on any medium in any format, such as to reproduce and represent, without any remuneration, of any kind, name, voice, image, and information relating to the sport activity carried out in the context of the Event, for a duration not exceeding 20 years from the date of the Event.

The Participant expressly authorizes the Organizer to give its Sub-Licensing Event partners the opportunity to use the image for commercial and advertising purposes. Each participant grants its full and irrevocable permission to the Organizer, to the beneficiaries (especially its trading partners) for the purpose of advertising, promotion or sales campaigns:

  • to make any modifications, additions or suppressions it deems necessary to use its image under the conditions defined below;
  • to include or combine his or her image with any signatures, phrases, slogans, legends, trademarks, distinctive signs, legal information, visual effects, and generally for any use in the communication materials in which they are used.

For minors, this consent is given on the condition that their rights and interests are not harmed by their parents, legal guardians (parent, guardian, etc.) who enroll in their names. The participant guarantees that the image is not the subject of an exclusive contract. The organizer, its beneficiaries and empowered people are expressly forbidden to use the name of a participant, voice or image in any pornographic, racist or xenophobic form and, more generally, any use which prejudices the participant’s dignity is prohibited.

Participants are informed and accept unconditionally that their image, registered by the official representatives of the Organizer, can be accessed on the Event site and the Facebook social media platform. Regarding the Event site and the Facebook social media platform, the participants understand and agree that any Internet user can identify them by name, surname and / or race number.

  • Personal data

Collected personal data

The Sibiu Community Foundation (Organizer / FCS), as Operator, processes your personal data: name and surname, sex, date of birth, nationality, mobile phone number, country and city of residence, email, best personal time, team name (if applicable), bank coordinates, photo / video, t-shirt size.

Purpose and modality of data processing

The data is collected by FCS when you register at the Sibiu International Marathon (event) through the sign-up platform. The personal data provided by each participant through the registration form will be kept electronically. The provision of personal data is mandatory for the registration of the event participants and their proper organization and is required for the processing of racing fees. Personal racing results will also be recorded, stored, processed, and published to create the ranking, create an archive, and personalize the results on the diploma.

Refusal to provide the data

The requested data is essential to organizing the event. Therefore, in the event of the person concerned refusing to provide such data, the Operator will refuse the entry in the race. By registering, the participant agrees to the registration, processing, use of personal data for the purposes described in this paragraph.

Disclosure of personal data

FCS does not disclose your personal data to any third party, unless there is a legal obligation to do so, at the request of the entitled authorities (eg First Aid Teams, Police etc.) or when we consider it necessary to investigate, prevent or act against potentially unlawful situations in case of suspected fraud or emergency situations involving the threat to the physical integrity or security of any person.

Personal data security

The FCS has implemented reasonable technical and organizational measures to secure your personal data against accidental loss, unauthorized access, use, destruction or disclosure.

Your rights

You have the following rights in accordance with this Regulation and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

– The right to be informed about the way the data is processed;

– The right to access personal information that we hold about you;

– The right to rectify the data we hold, if they are incorrect or incomplete;

– The right to be forgotten, the right to ask us to delete personal data held;

– The right to restrict the processing of personal data;

– The right to portability of data, that is, to be transferred to another organization;

– The right to object that your personal data is used for certain purposes.

In case you want to complain about how your data is managed, please contact FCS at [email protected] or in written at: Constantin Noica Street no. 57, ap. 3, Sibiu, Romania. We will analyze your referral and work together to solve the problem. We may be asking for proof of your identity.

Updating data

You may revise, correct, update, or delete your personal data by request to contact the above contact details.

If you still consider that your data is not properly managed by law, you can contact the National Supervisory Authority for Personal Data Processing where you can fill a complaint.


By signing the Sibiu International Marathon, runners automatically accept this regulation.

Last update: July 2020