Conditions of participation

For the smooth running of the event during this times we will have a series of security measures and conditions of participation that we would like to highlight:

Individual start

Runners will start the race individually, at a 20 seconds interval. The start time of each competitor will be set according to the estimated time of the race, which each competitor must mention in the registration form. The total number of participants will be limited to 1000, as follows:

    • 100 at Continental Marathon;
    • 300 at Halfmaraton
    • 200 for Zacaria 10k
    • 76 (19 teams) at Marquardt TeamRun;
    • 300 at Visma Cross;
    • 24 at Squad Race by EshopWedrop ;
    • 50% of the total number for each race will be reserved for Sibiu companies.

Physical distancing

  • During the race competitors will NOT be able to run shoulder to shoulder, they must respect a physical distance from each other of at least 7 m. Thus, if a competitor catches up with another one, he will have to either overtake him or remain behind him at at least 7 m. Not complying with these rules will result in disqualification of the competitor;
  • The arrival of the runners in the area of the competition must be done individually and respecting the time at which they are scheduled. If a runner is late, he will not enter the competition area and will not be able to start. No exceptions will be made!

Protection and hygiene

  • All participants will undergo the process of temperature screening and observational epidemiological triage. Observational triage will be provided by a qualified person. If the temperature exceeds 37.3° degrees Celsius or shows symptoms of infection (cough, sneezing, rhinorrhea, fever, altered general condition), the person will no longer participate in the event and will contact the family doctor, the runner will not start, will be asked to leave the area and contact the family doctor. Also, the organizer will be responsible for communicating possible cases to the Public Health Directorate;
  • Runners will follow the organizer’s recommendations and wear masks when in the event area (except when running). The organizers will provide disposable masks or optionally participants can come with their own masks;
  • Runners must monitor their health, respectively measure their temperature in the morning of the competition, if it is above 37.3° Celsius they will notify the family doctor and will no longer attend the competition;
  • Runners must comply to the rules of protection and hygiene to limit the spread of the virus: hand hygiene, physical distance of at least 2 m between two people when staying and 7 m while running, avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, avoid physical contact (handshakes, hugs after the finish), follow the recommendations to stay home and seek medical attention if there are specific symptoms of the disease.


  • The event area will be delimited, public access will be restricted, runners must arrive individually in the area of the competition. During the event the number of participants will be limited according to legal regulations;


Participation fee

  • If for reasons beyond the organizers control, the event will not be able to take place with physical start in Piața Mare (the Large Square), the participation fee will not be refunded, but the runners will have the option to participate in the Run Anywhere section and to raise funds for the chosen causes.