Children Save the Planet

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March 15, 2017
The little chalet in the mountains
February 19, 2018

Will the children of the future have forests, will they breathe fresh air, will they have access to drinking water, taking into account the current climate changes and environmental issues? It all depends on their decisions. Children of today will be the decision makers of tomorrow. They can decide to have a green future! "Children Save the Planet" project challenges primary school pupils in Sibiu to imagine ecological stories where children are the heroes. Three of these stories will be included in a book distributed in Sibiu; the book will also be illustrated by a child. The initiative encourages young people to discover various environmental issues and find solutions by themselves, by means of eco stories. Thus, care for the environment becomes a value to the children. Consequently, in the long run, the decisions they make will have a positive impact at both micro (Sibiu, the local community) and macro level (the planet, humankind). By joining "Children Save the Planet”, youngsters have the opportunity to personally discover various environmental problems and propose creative solutions. Thanks to our project, children will enrich their knowledge about the environment because writing the eco stories involves research aimed at identifying a particular environmental issue. Moreover, the pupils will develop problem-solving skills, seeking and proposing solutions to the identified problem.

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