Support a runner

How it works and which are the steps to be taken to support a runner

1. Fill-out the support form;
2. Choose from the list the runner you support and the project they run for;
3. Choose one of the variable amounts (2RON, 6RON, 10RON or 25RON) or introduce a fixed amount which you wish to direct towards the project;
4. After the competition we will inform you with regard to the number of kilometers ran by your supported runner and will communicate the total sum to be paid in cash or through bank transfer;
5. FCS will grant the funds amassed to the organizations / initiative groups that proposed the project;

If you decide to support Morariu Răzvan (Semimaraton 21 km) – Cauza Asociatiei Tura in Natura Sibiu – Concursul de orientare turistica “Comorile Padurii Dumbrava” with 2 RON/km → your support will amount to 21km X 2 RON = 42 RON

We look forward to transform kilometers of runs into donations that will bring positive change to Sibiu and its people!

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