What is the Maratonul Internațional Sibiu (Sibiu International Marathon)?

In the tradition of the London Marathon, the largest fundraising event in the world, we are combining the joy of running with the joy of giving.

Maratonul Internațional Sibiu (Sibiu International Marathon) is the largest charitable sporting event in Romania, i.e. a sporting event fundraising for local community causes, organized by the Community Foundation Sibiu (Fundația Comunitară Sibiu).

Through the Maratonul Internațional Sibiu, we intend to support the spirit of initiative of the people of Sibiu – good ideas that can solve problems of the community and that will increase the quality of life in Sibiu. We provide a platform to raise funds that support both new initiatives coming from informal groups and NGOs projects. The event brings together individuals, organizations, companies and public authorities.

  •         Organizations and initiative groups register local community projects
  •         Runners and donors register for their favourite cause
  •         Sibiu is moving!
  •         Projects that we run for come to life and generate change in community


In the fifth edition, which took place on May 28th, 2016, the SemiMaraton Sibiu (Sibiu Half Marathon) brought to the starting line approximately 2,500 people who ran for a cause they believe in, being sponsored by more than 2,000 donors. Together we managed to gather 340,000 lei, funds that brought to life 21 community projects in Sibiu. 

We prepare edition number 6, which will be truly special: SemiMaraton Sibiu (Sibiu Half Marathon) becomes Maratonul Internațional Sibiu (Sibiu International Marathon)! See you on May 27th, 2017.

“We’ve had a fifth edition of the Sibiu Half Marathon beyond expectations, with about 1,200 runners more than last year, which basically meant we had to organize two events in one. It was hard, but it was beautiful at the same time. We managed to bring people from across the country to the Half Marathon. Besides, the whole community of Sibiu mobilized to run for their favourite causes. If Sibiu managed to gather 2,500 runners for the Half Marathon, it definitely deserves a place among those cities with a marathon competition.”- Ciprian Ciocan, Executive Director Community Foundation Sibiu

We invite you to watch the following video presentation of the 2016 SemiMaraton Sibiu and we invite you to run in Sibiu for change.