Submitted projects 2014

Asociația De-a Arhitectura – “Let’s play architecture in my city”

“Let’s play architecture in my city” is an optional architecture and built environment course for 3rd and 4th grade children inpublic and private schools across the country, taught with the enthusiastic support of volunteer architects. In order to provide free accessibility, we intend to participate in the 2014 Sibiu HalfMarathon to gain the resources needed to offer model materials and student notebooks for the children involved in the program in Sibiu. [details]

The Association of ‘’Dr. Gh. Preda’’ Psychiatry Hospital, Sibiu – Therapeutic Garden

The project aims to create a restorative therapeutic garden in the courtyard of the Hospital to enable patients to spend time in the open air, as being a safe environment, with calming effects and documented benefits for their psychic health. The concept of therapeutic garden was developed in England and Commonwealth countries for fulfilling the physical, psychological, social and emotional needs of the persons using the garden. The therapeutic gardens are facilities for therapeutic treatment, rehabilitation and palliative care. They are developed in homes for the elderly, as care for people with dementia (Alzheimer’s). Therapeutic Gardens are specialized according to the purpose for which they are designed, considering the needs, the diseases and the disabilities of their beneficiaries.[details]

YouthBank Sibiu – I’m in highschool, I care, I get involved! 

By taking part in the YouthBank program, highschool students from Sibiu learn through practical experience how to organize fundraising events and activities and how to distribute the amounts collected to project ideas of their colleagues in highschools. Preparing the YouthBank team, of approximately 15 students each year, includes participating in trainings on subjects like the introduction in the YouthBank principles, fundraising, grant making, communication and reporting, and attending the program’s national camp. By taking part in the half marathon in 2014 Sibiu we wish to mobilize the amount necessary for organizing the trainings and for participating in the summer camp for 15 highschool students.[details]

Asociația Grădinița Veseliei Sibiu – We run for our playground 

The project aims to arrange an attractive and safe playground for the 280 children enrolled in kindergarten Nr. 22 in Sibiu. The kindergarten moved two years ago in a former school building, on Calea Poplacii No. 11, with a large yard and difficult to set up due to lack of funds. The existing playing facilities are deteriorated and dangerous to children and this is the reason why teachers are forced to perform tasks with preschoolers inside the kindergarten for their safety.[details]

“Micii Exploratori” Association –  Micii Exploratori Summer Camp

“Micii Exploratori” summer camp represents an unforgettable summer camp, for the 9-12 years old children, from the Sibiu surroundings (Sibiu, Cisnadie, Selimbar, Nou, Rosia, Sighisoara, Cris), as it represents an alternative for a dynamic christian-moral education.
For one week, children are presented with different experience learning situations, through which they are stimulated to learn in an active way (sport and creative competitions, individual or in groups, moral and civic lessons, together with many plays, camp fire and barbecue specialities). This year we run to ensure the acquisition of the Micii Exploratori summer camp tents.

Asociaţia Baby Care Sibiu, Asociaţia Mâini Unite şi Asociaţia E.M.M.A – Start for life

The birth of a child means, for most parents, a joy. For parents of premature, the joy of the beginning is overshadowed by concerns, fear and hope. The incubator is the miraculous place contributing significantly to the survival of these children, mimicking the mother’s body heat. Is the “home” where they sometimes spend weeks or months, fighting with their frail bodies to overcome all the difficult moments of a life started early. A new, modern incubator is what we want to offer this year to the hospitalized Premature Department of the Emergency Clinical Hospital Sibiu. With all the power and all hearts, this project is supported by the Baby CarevAssociation, the maini Unite Association and the EMMA Organization.[details]

Steam train on Hartibaciului Valley – Asociația Prietenii Mocăniței

The project’s goal is to organize a weekend of celebration for the “Mocănița” and this requires that we repair a 7km section of the railway between Cornăţel and Hosman, bringing a steam locomotive and wagons, and promote the event. The first edition will be held in September 2015, but the activities in this project will allow to repeat the event in the coming years.[details]

Crativity workshop – Asociaţia Elijah Inițiativa socială Ruth Zenkert

The creative program represents a new approach to solve the problems of young people in the villages on Hartibaciului Valley. By attending the courses offered by us and the assistance of professionals in the area, the children find refuge in the artistic field and identify among the teachers and volunteers, role models in life. Thus, we try to take them away from their everyday problems and to shape their career path since primary school or secondary school. The effects will be noticeable at the end of the project, when the majority will enter a new stage of life, with clearly defined objectives related to their future. Another innovation is that young Romanians are not excluded from the program, creating an increased ethnic tolerance and interethnic dialogue between communities is one of the goals we want to achieve in our program. [details]

Shelter for abandoned dogs – Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor si a Naturii Animal Life Sibiu

Animal Life wants to build a shelter for abandoned dogs in Sibiu. In recent years the number of animals sterilized, treated or offered for adoption by the association has grown steadily, up to several hundreds in each category. To develop our activity we need proper shelter, open to the public.[details]

“The School Garden”- Parohia Evanghelică C.A. Sibiu

“The School Garden” is an educational project for children and students in which they will participate in thedevelopment and maintenance of a garden and learn during the agricultural year about nature, its rhythms and alternative methods of gardening.[details]

“Kindergarten yard – play lab” – Asociația “Elefănțelul Curios” Sibiu

“Kindergarten yard – play lab” is a project that aims to improve and green space where kids in no. 38 kindergarten in Sibiu can safely spend quality time. Submission of the “Kindergarten yard – play lab” for the Half Marathon has two main goals: on the one hand to raise funds for the kindergarten courtyard arrangement, on the other hand, to involve children in collective activities. [details]

“Urban crafts conquer Sibiu” – Fundaţia Heritas

The “Urban crafts conquer Sibiu” project aims to familiarize a group of 16 high school students from technical colleges and high schools in Sibiu, with opportunities for learning and practicing the four categories of urban crafts: restoring furniture, fashion design, painting facades and commercials, bindery books. The project will involve, as trainers, four specialists in urban crafts who will hold introductory courses in the four categories of crafts.[details]

Run for SMURD – Asociatia Organizatia Voluntarilor Smurd Sibiu

The purchase of a professionl equiped medical backpack ( with ventilation bag and mask, laryngoscope, oxygen tube, tensiometer, stethoscope, glucometer, protable EKG, , pulsoximeter). Our purpose is to provide a better medical care in prehospital, by being able to monitorize the cardiac activity, the blood pressure , glycemia in case of emergency situations that occure at the cultural and sport events that we take part at. [details]

Expand the climbing wall at the School no 21 Gym – Sibiu Climbing Wall/Asociatia Salvatorilor Montani Sibiu

In the School no 21 Gym in Sibiu we try to expand existing climbing wall surface. We also try to promote this wall to be accessible to a larger number of people who want to try this sport. Climbing is not a sport only for young people, he addressed all ages, from children in kindergarten to their grandparents. Through this project we are trying to build a new training area (about 30 square meters) and to promote a contest open to all who wish to participate. [details]

Help the children from poor families to go to school! – Asociația WE HELP!

Did you know that in Romania there are over 100,000 children who can not read and write? The “Help the children from poor families go to school!” Is the first step that the WE HELP Association wants to achieve with your help, to open a day care center to help reduce the risk of dropping out. At this stage, we need to provide a space where 10 children from Sibiu at risk of dropping out of school, students in primary and secondary education receive tutoring and educational purpose activities offered by our volunteers throughout the school year 2014/2015. Work to be carried out at the Centre aims to support learning and participation in leisure, psychological, educational and vocational activities. Help us help them! [details]

EVERYONE can teach, EVERYONE, ANYTHING at incubator107 Sibiu

Incubator107 Sibiu is the place where EVERYONE can teach, EVERYONE, ANYTHING. It encourages people to share their passions and follow their vocation. The project consists in organizing different workshops bringing in front of interested persons artisans from several domains. 54 such events are planned between April and September 2014: handmade workshops, sports, cooking, lifestyle, wellness, personal development, dance events etc.[details]

Conferences on the influence of communication media for the mental development of young people and for the family life – Asociaţia Filantropia Ortodoxă Sibiu

The project consists in the organization of two conferences, one for students and one for parents and future parents, teachers, professionals who come into contact with young people, supported by the well-known biophysicist Virgil George, about the influence that society, through its means, has on youth, family and last but not least the parent-child relationship.[details]

“Ready for Tomorrow!” – Asociaţia ReGenerația

“Ready for Tomorrow!” aims to lead our non-formal education workshops to institutionalized children, in order to contribute to the development of essential skills such as decision making, creative thinking, solutions-orientation, collaboration and change management. In the period from July to September in the project will take place 6 workshops in 2 orphanages in Sibiu. The workshops will address the following topics: Friends and acquaintances, Laboratory of creativity and Career dialogue. “Ready for tomorrow” is part of the non-formal education program EduAttica, the annual program that began this spring in high schools in Sibiu.[details]

Football for your soul – LSS Voința Sibiu

The project “Football for your soul” of LSS Vointa Sibiu aims to provide team players at Vointa Sibiu with the conditions for further sports activity. Vointa is the first football team in our country founded by an association of supporters and the community support for the development and evolution of the team is very important. By participating in the Half Marathon for the second time we intend to attract a part of the amount necessary to cover medical expenses and sports equipment for senior and junior teams of LSS Vointa Sibiu.[details]

“Respect for Cyclists” Campaign- Asociația Tură în Natură Sibiu

The “Respect for Cyclists” campaign will include street actions in order to inform drivers about the rights of cyclists as road users. We wish that traffic participants in SIbiu on the risks posed by the ignorance of traffic rules on bicycle lanes by both cyclists and the drivers.[details]

Little quitarists – Asociatia Steps of Hope & Colt Technology Services

The “Little Guitarists” Project aims to organize guitar classes for the children within “Family Type Center for children and youths” based in Daia village from County Sibiu. These courses have the role in offering children alternative ways of spending free time in an educative way, the benefits of studying a musical instrument are multiple. In order to organize these courses, The Steps of Hope Association and Colt Technology Services wish to buy the guitars and the required accessories.[details]

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