Steam train on Hartibaciului Valley

Brief description of the project

The project’s goal is to organize a weekend of celebration for the “Mocănița” and this requires that we repair a 7km section of the railway between Cornăţel and Hosman, bringing a steam locomotive and wagons, and promote the event. The first edition will be held in September 2015, but the activities in this project will allow to repeat the event in the coming years.

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Friends of the Mocănița Association

logo_mocVolunteers are dealing with preservation and restoration of the Sibiu – Agnita railway since the year 2007. So far we have restored buildings and passenger coaches, repaired and maintained certain sections of track and organized the centenary celebrations by bringing back onto rails one of the original coaches and a steam locomotive.
Web: http://www.sibiuagnitarailway.com

The need/issue which the project addresses

Economic development and promoting the Hârtibaciu valley by improving the tourism offer. The railway unites communities along the valley, while the novelty of a steam train journey amongst fortified Saxon churches will attract tourists and bring valuable income communities en route. At the same time, the project addresses the need to preserve and restore the railway as a historical monument.

Beneficiaries and target group

Tourists, local or foreign (we estimate around 250 tourists per day), as well as those who wish to volunteer (we hope to involve around 30 volunteers while implementing the project).

Project objectives

  • To celebrate the Days of Mocănița by organizing a steam weekend. This involves repairing a length of 7km of railway between Cornățel and Hosman, bringing a steam locomotive and coaches, as well as promoting the event. The first edition will be held in September 2015, but works undergone during this project will allow it to repeat over the next years.

Changes which the project will bring into the community

  • Partial restoration of a historic monument (Sibiu – Agnita narrow gauge railway);
  • The repaired section will allow a steam weekend to be held over the following years;
  • Harvest volunteering;
  • A novel attraction for locals and tourists;
  • More clients for commercial businesses in Cornățel and Hosman (shops, B&Bs, Cornățel School Farm, etc.);

Fundraising objective

10000 RON

Total budget

The project will be administered and implemented by volunteers, thus the only costs will be acquisition of materials (sleepers, ballast, etc.) – 10.000 lei and relocation of rolling stock – 15.000 lei.

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