Shelter for abandoned dogs

Brief descrition of the project

Animal Life wants to build a shelter for abandoned dogs in Sibiu. In recent years the number of animals sterilized, treated or offered for adoption by the association has grown steadily, up to several hundreds in each category. To develop our activity we need proper shelter, open to the public.

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Asociatia Pentru Protectia Animalelor si a Naturii Animal Life Sibiu

Animal Life is a nonprofit organisation, whose members are volunteers, brought together by the love towards animals and the common logo_animallife wish to help them.
The organisation was funded in 2006 and fights against the overpopulation of stray dogs and cats, by:

  • Organising neutering – campaigns for both stray dogs and dogs whose owners cannot afford this intervention.
  • Organising adoption campaigns where dogs and cats can be adopted if the future owner fills out an adoption form and promises to give the animal a nice home. All animals given up for adoption by Animal Life are dewormed, vaccinated and neutered (in those cases where the animals are too young to have already been neutered, the cost of a future intervention will be taken over by our organisation)
  • Collaborating with different foreign organisations in order to make international adoptions possible
  • Taking care and giving a home to abandoned animals. Despite the fact that Animal Life doesn’t have its own shelter at the moment, our association takes care of 74 dogs who are brought under in dog pensions. In addition to these costs, Animal Life also takes over all costs for the medical treatments of these dogs (deworming, surgeries, neutering etc) and food.
  • Giving emergency medical care and rescuing animals who find themselves in extreme situations.
  • Organising campaigns on enviornmental issues and tolerance towards animals.
  • Organising local events to rise awareness on the matter of stray dogs

Web: http://www.animallife.ro!/animallife.sibiu

The problem the project solves

Unfortunately, Romania, and thus Sibiu, is facing a great challenge regarding homeless animals. Because of peoples unawarness dozens of puppies are abandoned each year. All theses puppies, as well as mothers with puppies and injured or ill dogs need a place where they can be looked after and cared for until they get adopted.


The target group are stray dogs from Sibiu, approximately 300 dogs each year (this is the number of dogs given up for adoption by Animal Life each year so far).
An indirect beneficiary of the project is the local community for two reasons: the number of stray dogs will be reduced and animal lovers will have support in finding accomodation for dogs they save from the streets.


• Increasing the number of animals taken off the streets – so far we could take over and give up for adoption only 200 dogs yearly because of the lack of accomodation and the high prices of canine pensions. We hope this number will reach 300 when we have a dog shelter, that will also work as an adoption center.
• Decreasing the number of stray dogs.
• Building a shelter where animals can be looked after and taken care of until they get adopted.

The changes the project brings to the community

Sibiu will finally have an adoption center where both volunteers and people, who are employed, can work.
This means that,
• Animal Life will have the possibilty to take over more animals;
• the cooperation with the Townhall Sibiu will be continued and more animals will have the chance of being adopted;
• in time, neutering and adopting animals as well as organising educational programms will lead to a decrease in the number of stray animals. Thus, the number of animals suffering because of diseases and parasites will also decrease.

Fundraising objectives

40.000 RON

Total budget

Animal Life will take over all costs for the project team as well as those for planing and authorisation work.
The money raised during this event will be used exclusively for buying construction material. We will have all bills for these.
The costs for building a shelter for approximately 100 dogs are of 40,000 Euro:
– 30 enclosers
– playground
– treatment room
The rent will be payed by Animal Life.
The future employees will be payed by Animal Life.
Animal Life has raised 10,000 Euro so far, 14.000 lei were raised during the Half Marathon of the last couple of years.

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