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February 20, 2019

When we thought about our consumption habits, we started asking ourselves: What determines the value of a good or merchandise for us, to be ours or to be able to use it when we need it and how we need it? We believe that we lose nothing when we share from what we own, moreover, by sharing it, we can reap all the benefits that object can offer, using it to the full extent of its potential. We aim at reaching a critical mass of people in our community interested in a sustenable and collective consumption habits. We will be organising events to facilitate the exchange of products which we own, of any kind. To explore together this type of consuming, we would like to organize a distinct type of conference on the topic of circular economy and collaborative consumption and invite people to talk about these topics.

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În December 2018, we have developed an online survey to better understand how our community relates to collaborative consumption. Sibiu’s capacity to develop into a „smart city” depends on rethinking the terms „owner” and „owning”.

We would like to be able, as a community, to fulfill our consumption needs through sharing and not purchasing, especially if we are talking about products which are rarely used. We would like to learn together how to use different goods with the guidance of their owners, thus getting to share not only objects but also know how on using them. The aim of it all would be to become more aware, as consumers.

Through sharing, we show our community the win-win principles of collaborative consumption. The reviews of goods, tools, equipments, coaching, support groups and sharing experiences around consumption will create a more transparent community, where mutual trust leads our actions.

We would like to build awareness around the importance of our daily consumption decisions. In a circular economy, we sustainably manage the planet’s resources and our own. We would like to embrace the habit of consuming „together”, aiming towards a shared and experience economy. We understand that goods do not bring us happiness, but the experiences they offer us through consumption.

We understand that owning is not the key, but the possibility to use them and to help others reap the benefits, brings us satisfaction. We will enjoy together the benefits of collaborative consumption and realize that reducing, reusing, repurposing and repairing and a collaborative consumption are actually a need of nowadays society.

Our target group are people living in Sibiu, between 20-45 years, men and women, with medium and superior medium incomes, higher education, single or families.
The people we are searching for are interested in circular economy, alternative ways of consumption, protecting the environment and reducing plastic.
They see the benefits in using technology to increase our standard of living and search for means to be updated with global trends. They are driven by curiosity and this interest drives them to appreciate and be part of different social events, around consumption.
On long term, we all indireclty benefit from a collaborative consumption, but also the future generation since we will have an impact on the consumption of global resources, thus avoiding different resource crises, like water crisis, we will have a cleaner environment, less plastic and will be able to protect marine life.

Until December 2019 we will have 30 participants subscribed and active in our group of collaborative consumption.

Until December 2019 we will have organized 3 events of collaborative consumption where at least 15 people will have participated in each:

Until December 2019 we will have created 5 presentation videos for 5 products we offer for sharing. By that time we want these videos to have over 600 visualizations.

Until December 2019 we will have involved 4 different people into our projects, all experts in the field of circular economy and collaborative consumption.

The way we want to develop activities around this initiative of collaborative consumption is by organizing events around the different modalities of using a common good together or around a specific topic of interest.

For example, events around the topic of cooking can be related to the theme of food waste, vegan and raw vegan cooking, cooking for children or alternatives to excess sugars and salts in our diets. At the end of each event participants will be able to swap objects that they bring from back home with somebody else’s objects.

By these means we want to educate the people of Sibiu, participating in our projects. We want to make them aware and get them thinking about their personal responsibility towards a healthier lifestyle, towards a shared consumption and by this, to enter together into the cycle of a circular economy.

Following are the events that we have prepared around the concept of collaborative consumption in Sibiu:

  1. April

    Creating a Facebook page for the collaborative consumption

    Creating a picture and content for each object we have available for sharing so far

    Creating a Youtube channel and videos of ways of utilizing the goods we offer for shared consumption



    Starting up an NGO

    Event for toy sharing and creative activities for children

    Creating new videos of usage for the new goods coming into our pool



    Finding the location for the collaborative consumption conference

    Creating new videos of usage for the new goods coming into our pool

    Theme debate about reducing consumption in Sibiu



    Finding the speakers for the conference

    Event for sharing of books and other writing activities

    Creating new videos of usage for the new goods coming into our pool



    Promotion of the collaborative consumption conference

    Creating new videos of usage for the new goods coming into our pool

    Theme discussion about reuse and recycling



    Promotion of the collaborative consumption conference

    Event for training our voice, diction exercises with the help of a vocal coach, in the end sharing of musical instruments and other objects

    Creating new videos of usage for the new goods coming into our pool



    Logistical organizing of the collaborative consumption and circular economy conference

The expenses we will have are the following:

1000 RON-Expenses for starting up and NGO

500 RON- Renting of a conference hall

500 RON-Promotion of the conference

500 RON-Expenses for the speakers

700 RON-Logistics of the conference

1000 RON-Salaries for the organizing stuff


Total: 4200 RON

Grupul de inițiativă ALTFEL

Who are we? The ALTFEL Initiative group Mihaela Băcanu My work with organizations in Sibiu such as Cu Verdele-n Sus, A.L.E.G., Fundația Comunitară, AIESEC, has offered me a perspective of what is possible when people find what unites them and then start towards a positive change. All my experiences as a volunteer and my professional experience in training, coaching and teambuilding, help support my intention to start a “tribe” of people that live their life and choices in a conscious manner. Mihaela Huluță I am a trainer since 2008 in the field of non-formal and adventure education. Since then, I have worked with different group dynamics and a wide array of groups starting from teenagers to workers of multinationals. I am working on alternative education projects and I like to represent Romania and its healthy values as a national tour guide. What did we do so far? • We have networked and built contacts to people in the field of collaborative consumption and circular economy • We’ve launched an online questionnaire with 80 responses for better understanding the communities’ needs • We’ve created a pool of objects that can be borrowed. To be a member of the collaborative consumption group means: • to borrow available objects and gadgets • to lend objects and gadgets that will be used by others • to participate at monthly events organized to cover the different aspects of circular economy and collaborative consumption • to help the community actively through feedback, testimonials, instructional videos and guidance.

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