Participants’ stories

Why run a marathon?

gabriela hila_final “The tension in the competition day was overwhelming. Before the event my main goal was to finish the race, but not in the last place. That didn’t happen. I finished last, six minutes after the last runner. I will never forget that I was still trying to catch my breath and the first one of the 21km marathon competitors arrived. Clearly, this wasn’t my thing. But I would run the 5km again any number of times just to feel once more the excitement I felt when I saw the picture of the incubator in the newborns’ section. Together with United Hands, Baby Care and Emma, I realized that a good project moves the world. “

-Gabriela Hila, United Hands Association (Asociația Mâini Unite)


doris louise popescu_final “Rain, wind, cold… nothing discouraged us, the runners, nor the hundreds of our beloved sponsors and supporters. On the contrary! Nobody gave up participation! So, I was not surprised at all to see the Small Square flooded with the most passionate people in Sibiu. Regardless of the projects that we supported (all of them important for Sibiu), we proved again that we are united. And this I think is the main merit of the Semi Marathon: that it is joining forces, leading change.

– Doris Louis Popescu, academic, running for AnimalLife Sibiu

cristina costea_final “I am participating in the SemiMaraton Sibiu since the first edition as a volunteer and had the opportunity to see every year a tremendous increase in the number of runners and donors. In the month before the event, everyone I met was either a donor or a  SemiMaraton runner. I don’t think I met anyone who didn’t know about the event. On the day of the event my joy and excitement were even higher seeing a lot of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and collaborators among the runners. “

-Cristina Costea, AnimalLife Sibiu, volunteer SemiMaraton Sibiu (Sibiu Half Marathon)


andrei soroaga_final “Marathon is a holiday of the Sibiu community, which I attend with pleasure whenever I can. In 2014 it was during a rainy day, but I didn’t back out of it. For the spectators, I don’t think it was so pleasant for the runners though a little rain is good. See you at the next edition! “
-Andrei Şoroagă, Green Up Association (Asociația Cu verdele-n SUS)


dan luca_final “The 2014 Sibiu Half Marathon was my baptism as a runner. It was my first official race and it will remain special in mind, heart and body. I don’t run for a better time nor to gather kilometres – I run to move limits in all areas of my life. In addition, my motto is: at 35 fitter than at 25.”
– Dan Luca, Contractor, 5 AM Coaching Program
anabela tarnovan_final “<Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!> (Anne Frank). When I read these words, I remembered that I left the Marathon having this feeling and the confidence in our power, of us all, to make beautiful things for us and for Sibiu. That for me is the Marathon – an event that reminds us how wonderful we all are individually and especially how wonderful we are together. “
– Anabela Târnovan, ULBS University Professor, FCS Board Member


iulia nistor_final “This year, the association’s team of runners has doubled compared to the first participation (2013), and this pleases us enormously and gives us courage. The children have the chance to shape their future responsibly. I am most happy that people who don’t necessarily have something to do with architecture joined our team, people who quickly understood that architectural and built environment education is important for the future of our country’s cities and their inhabitants.”
– Iulia Nistor, Of Architecture Association (Asociația De-a Arhitectura)


calinoiu alexandru_final “The 2014 SemiMaraton meant two things for me: my first step towards a marathon (which I aspire to ever since I started to run) and the satisfaction of contributing to a project dear to me, the Sibiu climbing panel”

– Călinoiu Alexandru-Nicolae, Entrepreneur, AgileFreaks, running for Mountain Rescue Association Sibiu (Asociația Salvatorilor Montani Sibiu)


maria_cismaru “For me the participation in the 2013 SemiMaraton meant the perfect opportunity to help and to help my friends to help. This event brings together people in a wonderful way and provides a sense of belonging to the community. The evolution that it has had compared to 2012 was remarkable and for 2014 I hope to rally even more people, because together we can add value to the city we live in. “

– Maria Cismaru, best fundraiser 2013 Sibiu Semi Marathon (63 sponsors)

florenta_cioconea “I’ve been running in the SemiMaraton for two years now with excitement and enthusiasm, supporting the causes of the United Hands Association (Asociaţia Mâini Unite). Excitement because I’m not a great runner and every time the number of kilometres I run becomes a bet with myself. Enthusiasm because it’s great to run with beautiful people, devoted to causes that are so needed by the community. Congratulations to the organizers for joyfully rallying so many people. See you next year, especially since my junior will be able to register in the children’s category, so reinforcements are coming! “

– Florenţa Cioconea, United Hands Association (Asociația Mâini Unite)

nicu_stefanuta “The Marathon is an event where people of Sibiu from everywhere come home and enjoy all their city has best to offer: nature, history, sports and especially community. The idea that through us Sibiu maintains its status as the most proactive city in Romania. I support the Sibiu Community Foundation (Fundaţia Comunitară Sibiu) because it can mobilize this kind of community passion and awareness. “

– Nicolae Ştefanuţă, Washigton DC, FCS board member

iulia_nistor “Running in such an event was a first, both for me and for the Of Architecture Association (Asociația De-a Arhitectura). It was a challenge in which we have achieved an honourable result: all our team’s runners finished the race for which they’ve registered. With the money raised we will cover part of the costs for grade III and IV courses in 12 of Sibiu’s schools, for the 2013-2014 school year. I was impressed by the large number of participants, the diversity of their projects and not least the organizers devotion!”

– Julia Nistor, Of Architecture Association (Asociația De-a Arhitectura)

ana_lechintan “Sibiu Marathon is an admirable initiative, an event with beneficial effects on all parties involved. As a runner, when it begins, noting the large number of participants and volunteers around me, I had a strong feeling of happiness and a powerful sense of unity. Realizing that these people are involved because they are driven by pure kindness, after an event like this, the sense of gratitude towards the world and towards life just stays with you. “

– Irina Ana Lechinţan, running for AnimalLife

fane_tulpan “Everyone runs in life for themselves, their family, their boss or their money, but when you have a purpose to help, the motivation is stronger when you know that the money raised can help someone or fulfil an ideal. I wish that in the future more and more people participate even if only as an example for young people. Without exercise, a nation slowly but surely dies. Congratulations to the organizers! “

– Fane Tulpan, the first Romanian to climb Everest, Mountain Rescue Association

radu_tompa “Even though I have a pretty good physical condition, I never thought to run a half marathon. The fact that I was given the opportunity to run for a cause of my choice persuaded me to join the event. It was a wonderful day.”

– Radu Tompa, running for the Mocanita train (Mocăniţă)

angi_lica “I left with a great impression after the 2013 SemiMaraton Sibiu! It was the first running event I attended. I ran the half marathon path with a teammate in the 2 leg relay. It was a very interesting route through the centre of Sibiu and then through the wonderful <green oasis> that the people of Sibiu enjoy every day. I thank the organizers and the volunteers, it was a wonderful experience! “

– Angi Lica, running for ReGeneration (ReGeneraţia)

mihai_proca “I think the SemiMaraton Sibiu is one of the best fundraising initiatives in our city. As a representative of a newly established organization I believe that the funds raised by the organization in the SemiMaraton Sibiu helps a lot with the implementation of the sport and community initiatives of the association. We thank the Sibiu Community Foundation which gave us the opportunity to raise funds for meeting the goals and projects of the organization.”

– Mihai Proca, running for Lap in Nature (Tură în natură)