Our team

The Sibiu International Marathon team

The Sibiu International Marathon 2020 is organized by the Sibiu Community Foundation in partnership with Grey Projects and the Sibiu Community Sports Club and with the support of Visma Software Romania main partner. In addition, this year we are waiting for around 500 volunteers, volunteer coordinators and dozens of people who, in one way or another, help Sibiu International Marathon happen. Thank you all for your support!

We thank everyone for their commitment and dedication!


The organizational team for Sibiu International Marathon 2019

  • Ciprian Ciocan – Event Manager
  • Dani Troancă – Technical Manager
  • Sergiu Olteanu – Grey Projects Manager
  • Ana Maria Bugneriu  – Responsible for partner companies
  • Angela Zaporojan – PR 
  • Gabriela Cuzepan – Photographer Volunteers Coordinator and responsible for Runners registration 
  • Lucia Sevestrean – Grant Manager
  • Cristina Toader – Administrative Officer
  • Maria Boamfă – Runners registration Asistant
  • Alina Morariu – Event Assistant
  • Diana Niță – Volunteers Coordinator and Making running kits coordinator
  • Dan Popescu – Logistics Manager