Micii Exploratori Summer Camp

Brief description of the project

“Micii Exploratori” summer camp represents an unforgettable summer camp, for the 9-12 years old children, from the Sibiu surroundings (Sibiu, Cisnadie, Selimbar, Nou, Rosia, Sighisoara, Cris), as it represents an alternative for a dynamic christian-moral education.

For one week, children are presented with different experience learning situations, through which they are stimulated to learn in an active way (sport and creative competitions, individual or in groups, moral and civic lessons, together with many plays, camp fire and barbecue specialities). This year we run to ensure the acquisition of the Micii Exploratori summer camp tents.

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“Micii Exploratori” association

logo_miciiThe Micii Exploratori association is a project of leisure clubs for children between 8-13 and it addresses the entire human personality, in a holistic way.

In a world dominated more and more by the lack of values and a static life-style, Micii Exploratori offers an alternative for a dynamic moral-christian education, in a safe experience based environment.

The association promotes as real role-models historical and biblical characters and shows the young ones how they can live in harmony with the nature and God. The association’s personal has a accumulated experience of more than 30 years in leisure club activities, experiential learning events and thematic camp for children.

Web: http://www.facebook.com/MiciiExploratori?ref=hl

The problem the project solves

From our personal experience with the chidlren, we have identified the following needs we want to emphasize.

  • Discipline
  • Empathy
  • Responsability
  • Encouragement of civic behavior
  • Development of ecological spirit and environmental protection


The direct beneficiaries are represented by 150 children between 8-13 years from the Micii Exploratori clubs – and not only – from the Sibiu (Sibiu, Cisnadie, Selimbar, Nou, Rosia, Sighisoara, Cris).
The secondary beneficiaries are the parents who actively contribute to educate and raise proactive citizens in the local community, together with the school.


  • Organize a summer camp for 150 children from the rural and urban environment.
  • Create holistic activities (that addresses the entire personalities) of physical and intellectual stimulation of children
  • The integration within the group of the approximate 75 children from the disadvantaged and Roma families
  • The identification and free expression of the creative side of the participants

The changes the project brings to the community

We aim the change of attitude and pursuit regarding the leisure activities.
The children’s parents are witnesses of the positive changes their children who have attended the previous camps have undergone.
Through a quiz, before and after the camp, adressed to the parents and to the leaders, we want to evaluate children’s reaction to:
– Discipline – the child learns to obey the rules
– Empathy – the child is challenges to become altruist and to be sensitive regarding the needs of the ones around him
– Responsability – the child is trained to contribute to the success of it’s team
– Self confidence – regardless his abilities he/she was borne with or gained, every child is particularly encouraged to succeed
– The development of the ecological spirit and nature protection – through neighbourhood ecology campaigns, trips and experience based nature activities.

Fundraising objective

10.000 lei – around 2.250 euro

Total budget

50.500 lei

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