Little Guitarists

Brief description of the project

The “Little Guitarists” Project aims to organize guitar classes for the children within “Family Type Center for children and youths” based in Daia village from County Sibiu. These courses have the role in offering children alternative ways of spending free time in an educative way, the benefits of studying a musical instrument are multiple. In order to organize these courses, The Steps of Hope Association and Colt Technology Services wish to buy the guitars and the required accessories.

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The Steps of Hope Association and Colt Technology Servicescolt_logo

The Steps of Hope Association has been established in early 2009 to bring light and hope in the souls of those in despair. At the beginning of 2010, Steps of Hope retrieved the “Family Type Center for children and youths” project based in Daia village from County Sibiu and the attention of the association was turned to abandoned children and youths. There are now 23 children in the house from Daia. The little ones havesigla-as-steps-of-hope-180 around 3 years, while the eldest ones are 19 years old. Children and youths with ages between 2 and 26 years old can be part of the family.
The Steps of Hope Association gives them a house, meal, affection, specialists that will help them to integrate. Starting of 2014, we unite our forces with Colt Technology Services, multinational IT Company, with office in Sibiu. Together with Colt we wish to complete more interesting projects, which are especially meant to diversify the educational activities for the children within the Steps of Hope Family.

The problem the project solves

Music has a positive influence for cognitive development of children, memory and interaction with other persons.
For a fast cognitive development it is recommended that the children study a musical instrument they like.
Studying a musical instrument or singing means development of thanking and self-confidence, stimulating in the same time complex actions of coordinating movements and sustained concentration. The acquisition of musical instruments (especially guitars) and accessories will give us the possibility of beginning an initiation course and musical preparation for the children.


The direct beneficiaries of this project will be 13 children with ages between 10 and 19 year old from the Family Type Center in Daia. Also, the members of Steps of Hope Association will benefit of help during the education process and children activity diversification.


  • Equipping the Family Type Center in Daia with musical instruments and necessary accessories for giving the possibility of conducting music courses with 13 children from this center.

Changes the project brings to the community

– Discovering talented children from the center
– Musical education for these children
– Integration in cultural activities at different organized events or events where Steps of Hope participates

Fundraising objective

2500 RON

Total budget

The budget will be entirely and exclusively used for acquisition of musical instruments for children of different ages. Vasile Radu, employee of Colt Technology Services, will initiate the children to guitar, in a weekly course organized at Daia.
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