Kids Races

Date: May 30 

Start/finish place: Large Square (Piața Mare), Sibiu

Registration deadline: May 11th

Starting time:the races will take place between 5.00-6.00PM

Registration fee (donation): 20 RON for all races



The Kids races are divided in following age groups:

  • 4-5 years / 400 m
  • 6-7 years / 800 m
  • 8-9 years / 1200 m
  • 10 -12 years / 1600 m

Track courses:

  • 4-5 years (400 m), loop route in Piaţa Mare (Large Square). In this race parents can run with their kids, but we urge them to encourage their children to participate by themselves;
  • 6-7 years (800 m), loop race in Piaţa Mare (Large Square) and Bălcescu boulevard;
  • 8-9 years (1200 m), loop race in Piaţa Mare (Large Square) and Bălcescu boulevard;
  • 10-12 years (1600 m),loop race in Piaţa Mare (Large Square) / Bălcescu boulevard / loop Piaţa Mare (Large Square);


No rankings are made at Kids races and there re no prizes for the fastest kids. Instead, there are prizes by lottery.

All participants who finish the race receive handmade medals made by the Tonal Association.

Registration deadline is May 11th 2020, 11:59 PM. The participation fee should be paid until this deadline in order to be confirmed.

The registrations that are not paid within one week from the day of registration will be automatically deleted.

Before registering, please read the rules for participation at Sibiu International Marathon 2020.


For other information, suggestions or problems you can contact us at  [email protected].