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February 20, 2019
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February 20, 2019
p>Wouldn't it be wonderful for us to know a little more about the nature surrounding our city? The “Sub Arini” (“Under the Alders”) Park is the place where we go jogging, ride our bicycles, go for a walk but where we rarely stop and have a broader look around us.

As citizens of Sibiu we are very lucky to have this green oasis in the very heart of our beloved city. Besides the breath of fresh air it provides us, the park is home to a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife, feathered or with fluffy tails.

Our project aims to share the story of the park and its inhabitants by installing several info boards that guide the visitors on a walking route where they get to learn more about the nature surrounding them. The information on the boards will be concise and appealing but will be backed up by detailed information available on the project's website, reachable through QR codes and links.

To encourage the visitors to find out more about the park's nature we will organise 4 guided tours along the route, when flora&fauna specialists will share their knowledge and teach the participants how to observe, identify and learn more about the species in the park.

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The Sub Arini Park is, without a doubt, the favourite leisure place for the majority of Sibiu's inhabitants. Whether it's for sports or recreation, the daily visitors of the park are from all age groups, social categories and areas of interests. Consciously or not, they are drawn by the fresh air and the nature within the very heart of our city. But it's not always obvious that every citizen and every visitor of the park is part of the group responsible in preserving this natural treasure. As proof of that, we can sometimes witness signs of ignorance and vandalism: spray painted trees or litter on the ground. Initially, the park was designed as an English garden, also having characteristics of an arboretum and some of the trees had ID plates mounted on them. The plates, some of them still existing, contained only the scientific names which made the identification for the common people a little less available. If people had the possibility, they definitely have the curiosity to develop the interest of finding out more about the nature so close to them.

Through the project activities we aim to make this information available to park visitors. If discovered and understood, the attractions of nature would become a new interest, and the need to protect it would be developed.

The 5 info boards which will be mounted in this project will introduce and familiarize the visitors with the nature beauties through concise and interesting information about the flora and fauna of the park.

The info will be backed up by a more detailed information available on the project's website, which will be reachable either through QR codes for targeted species either by accessing the homepage in a web browser. The images of the described species will make their field identification easier.

The project aims to make the visitors of the park more aware of the importance of the park and its nature in our city and make them more responsible and involved in protecting it. By getting to know more about the nature and understanding its principles, the people get closer to the nature and closer to the environment protection concept.

The info boards but also the 4 guided excursions organised during the project are addressed to all ages. By participating and by having access to this information at an early age, children will raise with environmental principles, will know how to protect the nature and could be more involved in the future.

Sibiu's inhabitants and visitors.

• Placement of 5 information panels about the flora and fauna in the Sub Arini Park and the mounting of small plates containing the names of the tree species between September and November 2019.

• Organizing 4 guided tours in Sub Arini Park during September-October 2019 for the interested public.

• Creating a website that can be accessed via QR codes placed on panels during July-November 2019.

  • June to August: Obtaining authorizations for panel placement
  • July-August: Developing the Information and layout for information panels
  • September-November: Setting up the info panels
  • September-November: Mounting the plates with the names of the tree species
  • September-October: Organising 4 guided tours with wildlife specialists
  • July-November: Developing and completing the website

7.000 lei – Total

5 * 1,000 – layout, printing and building the frame and pod for the info panels 1,000 – layout and site purchase

1,000 – pictures, promotional materials

Tură in Natură Association

The Association Tura in Natura Sibiu was born out of the wish to provide the people of Sibiu with an alternative to how they spend their free time and to bring them closer to nature.

The declared mission of Association Tura in Natura Sibiu is to encourage and support any form of activity (non-motorised) in the open air which follows the environmental protection rules.

Since its founding in 2011, the Association Tura in Natura has developed actions aimed to educate the young public from Sibiu about ecology and environmental protection and to use the bicycle as an alternative mean of transportation. In the management and implementation of our activities participated all of our active members. Currently the association has 10 active members and approximately 30 volunteers which get actively involved in our organisation's activities. The Tura in Natura team brings together specialists in geography, ecology, tourism, mountain rescue, management etc. and the organisation's activity is based on each member's experience.

The NGO implemented several projects throughout its existence, like Sibiu-UnDa Verde pentru Biciclete! Financed through Norwegian Funds, The “Emil Cioran” Cycling Route, Thematic&Tourist Trails “Green Gusterita” in partnership with the Evangelical Church, several sports contest ( “The Dumbrava Forest Treasures” Geocaching&Triangulation Contest, Duathlon Challenge, Night Cross, Urme pe Play Trail Running, Gusterita MTB Race), traffic information campaigns in collaboration with Sibiu Traffic Police, etc. The past year, the NGO organised the Trail Running Contest Urme pe Play, which had over 100 participants at its first edition and the Sibiu Guşteriţa MTB Race with over 250 participants at its third edition.

Tura in Natura is experienced in developing and creating tourist or thematic trails and designing info boards for them, many of them being in use after the creation of Routes like he “Emil Cioran” Cycling Route, Thematic&Tourist Trails “Green Gusterita” and the 5 cycling routes developed within the Sibiu-UnDa Verde pentru Biciclete! Project which sum up over 200 km.

For the Sub Arini Park, the project “ Cunoaste natura din jurul tau” (Get to know the nature in our surroundings) the info boards we aim to mount will be at low height and inclined position to make it easily accessible for children and persons with disabilities.

The project manager is a wildlife tour guide and graduate of the Faculty of Sciences - Ecology and Environmental Protection. He collaborated on the elaboration of the Guşteriţa Thematic Routes, which involved the identification and localisation of the flora and fauna and mounting the appropriate info panels in the Dealul Guşteriţa area.

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