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February 19, 2019

Dance, theater, sports and other leisure activities, we all enjoy them and choose them according to our preferences. People with disabilities have the same desires, but sometimes they need the support of professionals to be able to take part in these activities. Maybe they can't run as fast as others or do not immediately remember the lines for a play, but their ability to improvise or to enjoy the smallest success in a football match without official rules, is extraordinary. Our project aims to create this framework in which each of them can take part in activities according to their personal abilities and desires. All the workshops, be it dance, theater or sports will conclude with a special presentation.

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Creating the framework for offering these cultural and leisure opportunities is a response to the need for this group to have an active life through participation and involvement.

• Integration and participation of people with disabilities in cultural and leisure activities;

• Improving the quality of life of the group of people with disabilities as members of the community through access to cultural and leisure offers;

• Increasing the self-esteem of people with disabilities;

• Encouraging people with disabilities to take part in cultural and sports events in Sibiu;

• Building awareness in the community related to people living with disabilities;

People with disabilities, both beneficiaries of the Occupational Center in Sibiu (26 persons), but also from "Gabriela Day Center” run by DREAM Association (20 persons) and other members of the Sibiu community.

The activities are addressed to a total of 100 direct beneficiaries, people with mental, sensory, physical and multiple disabilities.

Indirect beneficiaries are the wider community of Sibiu, through raised awareness of the issue of disability.

Organizing dance, theater and sports courses for people with disabilities, weekly for 4 months between June and September 2019.

Organizing a cultural event including presentations by people with disabilities in October 2019.

  • • Advertising for the project in order to gain runners and supporters - March-May 2019
  • • Obtaining additional funding through the Community Agenda from the Local Council of Sibiu - April 2019
  • • Advertising the cultural and leisure offers among people with disabilities in Sibiu - May / June 2019
  • • Organizing the dance, theater and sports courses weekly between June and September 2019
  • • Organizing a presentation in October 2019
  • • Financial expense accounting for the project

Rental of goods and services - 2,000 lei

Advertising - 2,000 lei

Organization of the presentation - 3,000 lei

Training costs for activities - 25,000 lei


Through the 2019 Marathon, we plan to raise 7,000 lei

Diakoniewerk International Association

Our association has provided a place for people with disabilities to create decorative objects for more than 12 years at the Occupational Centers in Sibiu and Sebeş. The year 2016 also expanded our involvement by broadening our cultural and leisure offerings. The project "Art has no limits", financed by the Sibiu Community Foundation through the Semi-marathon, brought on stage at the State Philharmonic, a dance and theater performance presented by people with disabilities. In 2018, we further developed this offer and expanded it also to those who do not attend our Center and offered courses for a period of 4 months in Sibiu. The project, funded through the Community Agenda by the Sibiu City Council through Sibiu City Hall, ended with a show at the ASTRA Traditional Civilization Museum. The results of this project have convinced us that these activities are particularly important for people with disabilities and support them in developing social skills that strengthen their self-esteem. The contribution of this project to developing a wheelchair basketball team was also impressive. This component has managed to become an independent campaign through which 3 special wheelchairs were purchased to practice this sport. Also in 2018 we participated with the project "We Offer Hope" at the Sibiu International Marathon where we managed to exceed our fundraising goal. We also completed the arrangement of a new space for the candle shop at our Occupational Center.

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